The test of time

This post appeared on my twitter feed this morning: Historical Reminder: In 1941 this article found that 57% of children were severely addicted to movie and radio crime. Children used violent radio shows like an "alcoholic does drink" and this has an "inhibitory effect on the functioning of every organ in the body" —... Continue Reading →


It's been a while since I last managed to update this blog, and in that time: I've been very busy My PhD focus has changed slightly I've learned that I don't have time and energy to write regular long-form posts I have a lot of ideas for shorter writing but nowhere to put them So,... Continue Reading →

Reflections on reflection

Today's post is a guest post from my friend and fellow PhD-er, Lynsey Fenwick. In between coffee breaks where we off-load about life, work, and the challenges of being mature students, she researches men who view indecent images of children online. At the end of an exhausting hockey tournament, my son and I reflected both... Continue Reading →

Reflections on Measuring Sexual Behaviour

Recently, I’ve been examining measures of sexual behaviour and sex addiction. As well as downloading the papers describing these measures, I also printed out the measures themselves because I was curious what it would be like to complete them. It seems wrong to ask people to complete measures I'm not comfortable doing myself. I'm not... Continue Reading →

What is Sex Addiction?

When I tell people that I’m researching sex addiction, I get a mixture of reactions, but commonly the conversation turns to trying to explain what “sex addiction” is. That’s not an easy thing to explain. It is one of many terms, each of which takes a different perspective on what causes a particular set of... Continue Reading →

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